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Michelle Esclovon

I was born and raised on the upper Texas Coast.  My passion for the outdoors was fostered by my father and grandmother who both appreciated nature, conservation and the environment.  The coast has always been a place of familiarity and one I love returning to often.


Marriage brought me to the little known Big Thicket region of Texas.  I never really understood the beauty of this part of Texas until one foggy morning; while out hiking, I saw the morning light spill through the trees.  Of course I immediately raced home and told my husband about what I had seen.  Having lived here all his life, he simply replied,  "it's always been here, you just had to open your eyes".

Well, my eyes are open now to the forests, pine savanna's, waterways, bogs, countless plants and creatures that call this place home along with me.  It is my hope that I can convince you to visit and spend some time in my neck of the woods.  It beckons you to lose your self in its beauty and hold you spellbound.   


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